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Begur is a colourful and exuberant town, with narrow streets of moorish and Spanish architecture topped with a medieval castle commanding views up and down the coast. The town's neoclassical mansions were built by local merchants who accumulated great wealth in Cuba trading with the West Indies and Americas before returning home in the late 19th century. They sit alongside fishermen's huts and houses rumoured to have hosted pirates.
Begur Old Town and castle with Bay of Es
Cadaques, coastal village of the mediter
This is the area of the Dalí Triangle, a trio of sights connected to the surrealist master, including the sleepy whitewashed village of Port Lligat, near Cadaques (pictured), and Salvador Dalí's knockout Theatre-Museum in Figueres. There is also Púbol, whose centrepiece is the castle Dalí bought for his Russian wife Gala. Discover these alongside other perfectly preserved medieval village gems like Pals and Peretellada.
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